Mark Hoffman's Page


It all started in 1966 building my first Estes rocket, the Sprite. Using Jetex fuse I launched it on a C6-5 engine and it was never seen again. What a nut I was I should of used a much smaller engine but I really wanted to see what could be done with this C6-5 I had bought.

I continued to build many rockets through my childhood spending every penny I could save up on rockets, paint, sanding sealer, brushes and engines. The most exciting day of the year was when I got my hands on the new Estes yearly rocket catalog.

Moving to Ohio in 1999 was a perfect time to reignite my passion for rocketry and go for a high powered rocketry certification. I'd never seen such large launch fields and was very excited to start building again. I joined the Columbus Society for Advanced Rocketry (CSAR) and started to compete in contests. I did this for a few years and won a lot of ribbons and broke a National Association of Rocketry performance record.

I had built my rockets and gliders so well that some just drifted away catching wind thermals and instead of coming down they just kept going higher and higher until I would loose sight of them and never see them again. That became a problem and I decided to build much larger rockets and go for my high powered rocketry certifications.

I became a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association in 2001 and on November 11, 2001 I was certified level I. A year later I was certified level II. Now on to level III...